Whole Farm Management in a data context means consolidating business information from across the farm into one securely stored central location.

Why is it valuable? Data can assist management decisions by providing the insights to support on-farm operations and production activities by collecting, communicating, storing, analysing, planning and reporting important business information.

Whole Farm Management can be used to: 

Overall, using data management tools can help you save time time and reduce paperwork.

There are a wide range of Whole Farm Management Systems available that you can access and operate from your desktop or your smartphone.

The Systems are designed for almost all types of single or mixed farming enterprises and can be uploaded and managed using online, cloud-based tools. Using a secure, cloud-based record of production and financial metrics make analysis and reporting much easier.

The central management of on farm records takes away a lot of the burden of manual, paper-based systems. Secure and cloud-based storage of on farm records means that you can upload, share and track key production and financial metrics.

Ideally, a well set up Whole Farm Management systems will effectively integrate data from other AgTech you have on farm. Check the ‘interoperability’ section on each product page.