In this episode we’re talking about building trust when it comes to sharing farm data.

Data is now one of the world’s most valuable commodities and needs to be protected, but we know that sharing data can improve profit and production on-farm. So how can farmers confidently share data with third parties like agtech providers?

This is a question the National Farmers’ Federation sought to address when it developed the Australian Farm Data Code, a voluntary code of conduct and certification program that aims to improve adoption of agtech by ensuring farmers have comfort in how their data is used.

We speak to NFF Data Policy Manager Gabriela Ceregra about why the code was introduced and how agtech companies have responded.

We also talk to Pairetree Intelligence co-founder Hamish Munro, who explains how his product was the first to be certified by the Farm Data Code. Pairtree aims to stop farmers drowning in data, offering technology that translates data into a consistent format, puts it in context and sends it where it needs to go.

And we’re joined by Commonwealth Bank General Manager Agribusiness Natasha Greenwood. She talks about how Commbank has been collaborating with Pairtree to come up with ideas for streamlining the sharing of data between the bank and their farming customers.



Gabi Ceregra is the Data Policy Manager at the National Farmers’ Federation and Food Agility CRC. Specialising in data governance, Gabi brings a wealth of experience in managing data across health, financial services, and agriculture. Gabi’s recent work in agriculture data governance includes the Australian Farm Data Code and certification, the formulation of best practice Data Sharing Agreements, and the establishment of Australian Agricultural Traceability data standards.


Hamish is a fifth-generation farmer from central NSW. In 2018 Hamish cofounded Pairtree Intelligence after struggling with data on his family’s mixed farming operation and his experiences through beef representation at the Cattle Council of Australia. Starting Pairtree was all about enabling farmers to utilise the tech on their farm and also maximise how they can share that information through trust. For the last two years, Hamish sat on the NFF farm data code committee, helping form the new certification process. Pairtree PLUS is the first agtech product to be formally certified through the NFF program.


As General Manager Agribusiness, Natasha is responsible for the successful execution of Commbank’s agribusiness strategy. Designed to enable farmers to grow, diversify and innovate, Natasha and her team deeply understand the global trends which impact ag and work with producers to ensure they can maximise the opportunities and manage the risks these might bring. Agriculture is playing a key role in the transition to lower carbon and Natasha and her team work closely with customers to support them implement practices which improve productivity and profitability, to finance sustainability projects and to engage successfully in the transition economy.