Feeding stock can be one of the most time consuming, expensive and mentally challenging aspects of a drought.

In this episode of the AgTech Finder podcast, we speak with independent sheep consultant Anthony Shepherd from Sheepmatters about how technology is helping producers decide which stock to sell and which to feed through a drought.

Also joining us is Justin Dunn from AgTech Finder-listed vendor The Shepherd Ag who has developed a whole automated feedlot solution, allowing farmers to improve precision when feeding and significantly cutting back on the workload required to feed stock during a drought.

Rounding out the episode is Central West NSW farmer Murray Balcomb who has been using the Shepherd Ag technology for the last couple of years and says with it he now feels ready to take on the next drought.



Anthony Shepherd is the principal of Sheepmatters, an independent sheep production advisory service. He also runs a sheep farm at Cootamundra in the South West Slopes of NSW, a commercial 1500 Merino flock. Anthony says his advice service is heavily based on using Electronic Identification (eID) to indentify production. He is also a full member of the Australian Institute of Agricultural Science and Tehcnology and works with agtech in both research and development and adoption.


Justin Dunn is the director of The Shepherd Ag, which specialises in the design and development of precision sheep feeding equipment. The Shepherd Ag are family-run business located in the South West Slopes of NSW in Stockinbingal and Temora. They operate a private research and development program focusing on ‘What Works Best’. Justin says The Shepherd Ag’s intent is to empower their business and other producers with knowledge and technologies to achieve greater outcomes in an ever changing and competitive industry.


Murray Balcomb runs a 2,900-hectare mixed sheep, cattle and cropping farm with his brother at Canowindra in Central West NSW. He adopted The Shepherd Ag feedlot technology following the last drought and says it is already helping him to reduce over-grazing of pastures and offers him more options when marketing his lambs. He says with this technology he now feels ready to take on the next dry period.