Episode 4

n this episode we look at the next frontier of farm management platforms.  

Agtech adoption specialist and South Australian cattle and sheep farmer Dr Penny Schulz talks about the potential for automatic data-entry to farm management platforms.  

 We speak to AgriWebb co-founder John Fargher about how the platform can be used for sustainable grazing management and carbon project reporting.  

And we’re also joined by AgriWebb customer and Queensland cattle farmer Doug McNicholl, who talks about the added value achieved by integrating other agtech with farm management platforms.  


Penny and her husband Jason run a family sheep and cattle operation at Field in South Australia’s Limestone Coast region. She also works off-farm delivering projects to the livestock industry and university teaching, with her expertise in the fields of agtech adoption, livestock genetics and farm business management. Penny has been appointed to the role of Livestock Technical Specialist with the SA Drought Resilience, Adoption and Innovation Hub, with a focus on farmer adoption – an area of great passion for Penny. 


John Fargher, Co-Founder and Chief Strategy Officer of AgriWebb, was raised on his family’s 400,000 acre sheep and cattle station in northern South Australia.  

John co-founded AgriWebb in 2014, the global leading farm management software company, to help livestock farmers with on farm data collection, decision making and connection into the broader farm value chain and ecosystem. Over 16,000 farmers use AgriWebb, with 20 million animals on the platform representing 25% of the livestock in Australia. They have customers in 18 geographies and John has spent time living abroad in their UK and US offices. 

John leads AgriWebb’s broader strategy on sustainability linking farmers with the supply chain to help farmers and corporations meet the industry goals and challenges of producing more while reducing emissions. This year John was named number 18 of Australia’s Top 100 Young Entrepreneurs. 


Doug is a partner in his family beef production business, McNicholl Livestock, on the Western Downs, in Queensland. McNicholl Livestock is a breeding and fattening operation, and the McNicholl’s use AgriWebb, in conjunction with Cibo Labs’ satellite-derived pasture biomass estimation, to manage their livestock inventory and calculate feed on offer. Doug is also the Regional Manager for North America at Meat and Livestock Australia, overseeing the company’s marketing program to support the role of beef, lamb and goat meat in a sustainable diet in the US, Canada and Mexico.