In this episode we’re talking about pest, weed and disease management, particularly focusing on technology that allows for better management of fungal diseases in crops.

We speak to podcast regular Food Agility CRC chief scientist professor David Lamb about the potential for agtech to replace or minimise chemical use in the future.

We’re also joined by BioScout CEO Lewis Collins, who tells about how their technology is helping to reduce the impact of fungal diseases in crops and better target fungicide sprays.

And we’ll speak to Jane Parker from herb and spices supplier McCormick about how they’ve been using BioScout to tackle a fungal disease that can decimate basil crops.



Lewis has been Australia’s Agripreneur of the Year and GRDC’s Young Scientist of the Year. He combines a deep skillset in engineering and research with experience in corporate management and governance. During his tenure at BioScout, Lewis has overseen multi-million dollar revenue growth and expanded the team from 4 employees to 20 across three countries. He comes from a background in mechatronics and crop disease research. His expertise lies in electronics, IoT and fungal disease sensors. He has applied this knowledge to designing and managing BioScout’s systems. As the CEO of BioScout, Lewis is responsible for the company’s day-to-day operations and providing leadership, company vision, and Strategy.


With a love of her adopted country, a passion for conserving natural resources, especially irrigation water, Jane became involved in a new industry in Central Queensland supplying fresh herbs and spices to Botanical Food Company for their Gourmet Garden Range of products.

As the business evolved, she became part of McCormick Foods Australia and her role evolved into Agricultural Development Manager, with the latest challenge, common to rural industries, being the investigation of which of the many AgTech solutions available are suitable to sustain the business into the future.