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30MHz provides all the elements indoor growers (greenhouses, polytunnels, cold storage, hydroponics etc.) need to deploy a wireless sensor network and start capturing accurate, crop-level metrics in moments, without technical expertise. Customers select the combination of sensors that fit their needs (capturing metrics including vapor pressure deficit, dewpoint, soil moisture, EC/VWC, light intensity, CO2, temperature and humidity) and have the option to scale with more sensors, or new sensor types at any time. The user-friendly, data platform with customisable dashboards provides customers with full control over how data is displayed, with all metrics in one central location. Multiple locations can be monitored in one dashboard from anywhere on any device.

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Developed with direct input from growers and agricultural research institutions, the 30MHz Zensie platform is designed to be intuitive and usable across your agribusiness, providing deep actionable insights without a steep learning curve.
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