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Agrihive gathers all your farm’s financial and production information into one dashboard. It then incorporates your personal and business goals and forecasts your ability to achieve them; be they growth, succession, retirement or simply improving cash flow. Noted by Global Trade Review (GTR), Agrihive is a cloud-based app that allows farmers to upload information about their operations, and within an hour turns around detailed financial reports. The solution gives farmers real-world scenarios on how to improve their performance, cash flow and sets key performance ratios. It is straightforward to use and produces simple, yet detailed results. Farmers can take these reports to their accountants or bankers, as evidence of their ‘financial health’. Farmers and their trusted advisors can now easily strategise to improve financial performance.

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Agrihive is an industry-first program empowering farming families to take control of their financial future. It tackles the stress in farming of managing finances and generating net wealth through improved cash flow.
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