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We are a specialist low drift spray nozzle, liquid fertiliser applicator bars and caps, in the UK. BfS were the first to introduce air induction nozzles to the UK and other markets in the early nineties. These were a direct competitor the the Airtec systems that were available at the time, but at a considerable cost. The introduction of our first nozzle, the BfS Air Bubble Jet, gave farmers and growers the choice to go low drift at a fraction of the cost. These are LERAP rated to 75% less drift in the UK. Since then we have brought in the BfS ExRay XC which achieves 90% less drift at practical working pressures.

We had always been involved in liquid fertiliser applicator bar and cap production, with our very popular Dribble Bars and AutoStreamers, the latter capable of variable rate application. We also manufacture caps to apply liquid fertiliser, where bars are not practical.

We are always striving to find the next best device to aid the crop spraying industry and to reduce off target contamination of both pesticides and fertilisers.