DE Engineers Aerated silos keep grain in top condition.

GRDC studies have shown that the two most common, serious threats to grain quality in Australia’s storage are insect pest infestations and grain moisture problems causing mould / fungal growth. Key initial strategies include thorough hygiene for storage and equipment, plus aiming for “cool, dry grain” in storage.

Using aeration reduces grain temperatures and creates uniform, cool conditions in the grain bulk. This maintains grain quality and if cool enough, slows grain pests breeding and if temperatures below 15C can be achieved, breeding will stop.

Some of our customers have used aeration on silos for up to 10 years and have not had to use any fumigation whatsoever as weevils have completely disappeared from their silos. It also assists in maintaining germination rates and is considered essential in canola storage.

It is important to note that aeration may not eliminate the need to fumigate insects. If there are live insects present, the grain will need to be fumigated prior to delivery gate.