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GeoPard Agriculture is an independent precisionAg platform that analyses satellite, yield, soil, topography, as-applied, and sensor data.

Multi-layer and multi-year data analysis, mobile application.

We provide our software for agronomists and API for agtech companies. All the modules we have are accessible via API and some big ag companies build their software on top of the GeoPard engine.

More info at our blog GeoPard Agriculture is a cloud-based powerhouse for precisionAg data with business intelligence capabilities.

GeoPard Variable Rate (VR) prescription maps are used for fertilizing, crop protection, seeding, irrigation, desiccation, optimization of crop inputs and yield while preserving resources.

The GeoPard engine is capable of processing satellite imagery, soil sampling, yield data, high-density sensor data, topography data.

GeoPard provides:

  • Variable rate prescription maps creation module
  • Field and region level satellite monitoring (12 indices, incl. LAI, EVI, NDVI, NIR, WDRVI, etc.)
  • Stability zones
  • Automated multi-year field potential zones (up to 32 years) and in-season field management zones
  • Management zones module to build your perfect VR map based on several data layers
  • Slope/elevation profile based on remote sensing and machinery datasets
  • Yield data analytics
  • High-density sensor data analytics
  • Soil sampling data analytics
  • Detection of dependencies among data layers
  • Mobile app with offline capabilities
  • 3D model of any field