InterpreData Pty Ltd is an Australian owned technology business which has developed “Expert Data Management Software” with the main focus being the development of TraceBaseTM. This is an innovative technology which is delivered as a Software as a Service (SaaS) being introduced into the commercial and academic world, dramatically reducing analytical time and cost, from days or hours to minutes, extending to the storage, matching and retrieval of data profiles.

The fundamental purpose is to enhance analytical reliability and automate traceability. In simple terms, the technology is designed to provide immediate recognition of chemical and biological profiles of an unlimited range of produce, including meat, fish, vegetables and wine. The analytical profiles will be stored and subsequently made available for retrieval of matching data when the software is used. The software will deliver time and cost saving benefits to laboratories, analysts and customers focussed on traceability and brand security.

The journey to develop this pioneering software began five years ago and has successfully progressed over time, overcoming many scientific challenges.

From a commercial perspective the technology will provide a significant positive impact on brand protection, validation, provenance and traceability. The technological development will also enhance machine and interpretive learning.