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AquaLink enables growers to perform all functions required to monitor and control their irrigation regardless of field size. Components can be activated, switched, and connected with any combination of devices quickly and easily. AquaLink can operate manually, semi-auto, or automatically, providing you with endless flexibility. By continually monitoring weather conditions growers can respond to situations such as high wind, high temperature, or frost which any connected sensor can actuate. By selecting between manual and auto modes users can receive data as required or continually, plus pumps and valves can be set to work in specific intervals or with soil moisture and weather sensors. Ultimately this system gives the user the ability to irrigate when and how they desire with speed and precision unrivaled by any other irrigation The irrigation management system gives you more control, increased flexibility, and greater accuracy. WiSA believes that soil control is the key to quality crop growth, therefore we provide sophisticated technology that irrigators can use to their advantage. The ability to have total irrigation management and control is now possible with products that can detect changes to weather conditions and provide alerts to initiate action. The systems provided uses water and nutrients wisely to improve the effective application of horticultural practices which in turn contributes to the precision of irrigation increasing your yields, quality, and profitability.