automed is paving the way forward for livestock producers of all sizes. With one single system, producers can automatically calculate, deliver and record livestock treatments whilst effectively managing and optimizing their operation. The automed system combines a sleek and ergonomic medication delivery device with a simple and easy-to-use App, enabling both fixed and weight-based treatments. automed offers a range of Adapters (3mL, 10mL and 20mL) that are fitted to the delivery device to suit a variety of dosing methods (injection, intranasal, oral/drench and pour-on). The automed system integrates with existing livestock tools including most third-party weight-scales and RFID readers, and many farm management platforms. automed also offers a comprehensive inventory management system for tracking, requesting and managing stock in multi-site operations. Tamper-proof treatment records, animal history, and data analytics ensure that automed is the complete compliance and traceability system for medication in the livestock industry.