Bird Beam Laser Bird Control Systems on social media

AVIX is a high-performance laser, highly effective against crows, cockatoo species, geese, starlings, coloured birds, sparrows, ducks, seagulls and more.

A fully automated bird repellent system that effectively and humanely scares birds away 24/7. This cost-efficient solution eliminates bird nuisance from 70-99% on average. = Covering 350mt in full sun, overcast or night-time reach of 500mt. Operated by grid or solar power, will perform to expectations, and provide a solution where others fail.

Proven to be an essential part of an effective bird controlling plan in Australia, the AVIX is silent, humane, sustainable, fit for purpose and well-priced investment for the outcome, and it simply works.

The green laser beam is seen by birds as the entire beam, skims across the asset, only birds see it as a very large, permanent object-like a stick sweeping towards them, their self-preservation is very high, they learn from this and flee the area and go somewhere easier to forage.  They will stay away if the lasers are covering the property.

Set up and forget.

Silent, humane, sustainable, and autonomous.