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A one-stop-shop for monitoring inventory in silos and tanks, as well as temperatures in stockpiles or cool rooms.

Key Benefits

  • Remote access (web, mobile)
  • Holistic overview of entire site status at any time
  • Analyse what happened historically to better plan for future events
  • Prime to run through AI algorithms to find further efficiencies


  • Access via our Vault
  • Configurable SMS/IM alerting via the Vault
  • Interface to leading accounting packages/CRM/ERP systems
  • Solar PV or mains powered
  • Cellular or satellite comms for remote locations
  • Historical data available for export
  • Engineered to withstand the harsh demands of agricultural environments

In addition, the one stop shop provides:

  • Ability to track levels of dry matter and liquids in silos and tanks, as well as temperatures in rooms and stockpiles
  • Current and historical data available through the Vault
  • All data available to export from the Vault
  • Can be mains or solar powered, with a battery backup