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Connected Farms Pty Ltd, an Australian company and Licenced Telecommunications Carrier, was formed to specifically provide connectivity solutions to the agriculture sector with the vision of enabling digital agriculture. They have three key areas of offering:

  1. Improved business grade broadband to the farm office/house.
  2. Mobile quality coverage over the farmland to allow improved voice and data communications (and this coverage can also collect IoT data). Farm coverage, Fence to Fence™.
  3. Regional/local edge micro datacentres – to reduce latency in autonomous applications and allow better near-farm data processing of all the various data sources such as IoT sensors We use a variety of technical solutions tailored to the farm’s particular requirements to achieve these, because a grower on a broadacre operation has much different needs to a farmer running cattle on their paddocks.

We can also cover multiple locations in diverse areas / states. Our skillsets in providing rural and regional coverage solutions have been well proven with many decades of collective experience and we are harvesting these skills and experience into the Connected Farms offering.

Key Features

  • High speed broadband – Connect your farm office or home with our business grade broadband solutions. Highest quality and best value.
  • Wireless coverage – Full fence to fence wireless coverage ( including private mobile standard) across your property. Remote paddock solutions available.
  • IoT coverage – Connect all your IoT sensors through our wireless coverage solutions, from private 4G through WiFi and other technologies.
  • Regional edge datacentres – We host edge computing functions in our regional datacentres to aid autonomous and control systems to be hosted locally, reducing latency and reducing costs.