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Using the latest in variable airflow technology, this intelligent automated system detects changes to the outside environment and intuitively controls the aeration fans to ensure your grain is kept in optimum conditions at all times.

The GrainSafe 5000 offers advanced grain quality and germination protection by:

  • Assisting with insect control
  • Preventing mould and mildew growth
  • Selecting the best air available to cool grain
  • Regularly flushing warm moist air from storage
  • Humidity override


  • Touch Screen: Operator friendly user interface allows easy operation of controller and access to storage setup information. Displays fan mode and current ambient conditions; Dry Bulb temperature, Relative Humidity and Wet Bulb temperature
  • Stagger start of each storage: This feature ensures all aeration fans don’t start at once when conditions are suitable for aerating.
  • Resettable hour meters: The hour meter for each storage can be reset to zero when desired, this allows the operator to keep track of the run time for the current storage period.
  • Test Mode: Assists the operator to test the complete aeration installation. Once enabled each storage will be stagger started then run for a maximum of 10 minutes, this allows each aeration unit to be inspected for correct operation.
  • Storage Overview: Shows at a glance the current mode of all storages and current hour meter readings. Compact size: One size controller from 4-24 storages.
  • Data Logging: USB allows the user to download data from the controller to a USB flash drive, and view on the supplied software.
  • Fully Automated Cooling Mode
  • Set Point Drying
  • Variable airflow technology
  • Easily expanded: As storage requirement grow, the controller is easily expanded to meet current requirements.

Options: Drying mode (15 litres per second per tonne and above) is available for all models.