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Inmarsat’s crop storage and logistics solution is a bespoke managed service which allows growers and the extended supply chain to remotely monitor commodities in storage and make interventions to reduce losses and manage the supply chain. Utilising our geostationary satellite network and global presence on land, sea and air we are able to monitor your commodities in real-time, whether they are at the bottom of a ship, in a plastic silobag or modern storage facility. Using a variety of low-cost sensor technologies we tailor the solution to the nature of your storage infrastructure and supply chain.

The data is transferred via Long Range Wide Area Network (LoRaWAN) to a software defined gateway, before it is sent via satellite or cellular connectivity to the customer’s choice of cloud-based application.

Customised dashboards can be provided to give you complete visualisation of your crop and supply chain, with real-time alerts of storage conditions which could lead to a loss of quality.