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Inmarsat uses its global satellite network to provide high speed internet and voice communications in areas of unreliable or non-existent cellular coverage. We offer a number of bespoke solutions to help you achieve greater efficiency, productivity and sustainability, drawing on a range of agri-tech capability partners.

This includes deploying sensors and weather stations, sending telemetry data from farm machinery in real-time, tracking and monitoring livestock over large stations, monitoring irrigation and crop storage conditions remotely and using our global network to track agricultural raw materials through the supply chain.

We offer a ‘one-stop-shop’ to farmers, growers and agri-food supply chains to select the best technology to solve your challenges, equip it with the most effective connectivity method, deploy it in the field, ensure the data flows to where you need it and service the installation over time. We also work with agri-technology companies and agricultural machinery manufacturers to equip technology with satellite connectivity so it can communicate in areas of poor cellular coverage.