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By combining the iNTELLiMachine software and the EMP control box with a new or existing iNTELLiTROL Base Station, full remote automation of centre pivot irrigators can be achieved. The iNTELLiMachine software is an addition to our tried and tested iNTELLiNet and iNTELLiPump software, this software is for the full control of your pivots without the need for a costly computerised panel at the machine.

With the use of iNTELLiNet radio network you can control unlimited amounts of machines, pumps, gensets, etc, from the comfort of your home, office or remotely. With the added bonus of all your monitoring needs in the one location.

iNTELLiMachine has a simple to use interface that enables you to monitor and control all your machines and with the use of iNTELLiNet radio network there is no need for Cellular/Mobile reception. Our radio network can repeat between machines to communicate back to your desired Base Station location.

Not only does iNTELLiMachine give you real time monitoring and control it also gives you the option of scheduling future irrigations, SMS alerting and customisable historical reporting. iNTELLiMachine is capable of performing quite complex irrigation schedules that change machine direction, vary the water application, skip sectors, add fertiliser across different sectors, etc.

The EMP control box is a “bolt-on” solution that integrates with your existing pivot control panel, be that a basic switch type panel or more advanced panel.