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The iNTELLiTROL system is made up of software and hardware. The software component of the product is installed onto your PC which we then call the Base Station. Communication hardware is also installed onto the Base Station to enable radio communication between the base station and the field units. Our hardware/field units (RTU) are made up of several different units depending on the application, and all units feature both sensor inputs and control outputs.

Field units having both inputs and outputs means less cost involved in running two systems (Control and Monitoring on the one platform). The advantage of having the Base Station located on a computer is that we are able to remote access/desktop share into the Base Station for the purpose of training, fault finding and ongoing support. We also have the ability to connect all of the base stations to the cloud to be used as a central control.

Our iNTELLiTROL software provides a full suite of irrigation monitoring and control features:

  • Alarms ranging from basic system operation alarms to “user defined alarms”
  • Logging and graphing of sensor data over time
  • Our famous ‘drag-and-drop’ irrigation scheduling calendar
  • The ability to fully automate irrigation schedules based on growth phase, soil moisture content, varietal priorities, and system capacity (to name a few).

Software enhancements are released periodically, mostly as a response to dealer/end user requests, and general release software updates are provided free of charge.