We offer a range of telecommunications products, specialising in connecting rural and remote communities in Australia.

We are committed to providing true symmetric broadband access to the Agribusiness community. Through a mix of fibre optic and licensed microwave, JustISP can deliver internet access to your farm; access that is simply not possible through the NBN.

With the growth of “Smart Farms” across Australia, the data drought is simply not being met by today’s NBN offering. Or, are you like many Agribusiness that are forced to use Telstra 3G/4G Internet access? Not any more. IOT, drones and cloud services are all a reality with JustISP.

Our model allows a community of farmers to work with JustISP to co-ordinate the delivery of broadband services via the construction of private telecommunications towers and fibre networks within regions. By working together in partnership the delivery of broadband can be achieved!