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Libelium’s Plug&Sense Smart Agriculture Sensor Modem is designed to monitor key agriculture variables enabling you to maximise crop production and quality.

Choose up to 6 sensors:

  1. Weather Station WS-3000 (anemometer + wind vane + pluviometer)
  2. Soil Moisture (3 different depths: 1.5m, 4.5m, 8m)
  3. Solar Radiation (PAR and UV)
  4. Leaf Wetness – Air Temperature, Humidity + Atmospheric Pressure – Soil Temperature
  5. Stem, Trunk + Fruit Diameter
  6. Luminosity (Luxes Accuracy) for measuring sunlight (or in sheds) – Ultrasound (Distance Measurement for dams and tanks).

Product has communication options for cellular, LTE Cat M1, LoRaWAN, Sigfox, and WiFi