Track your mobs and individual animals digitally and retrieve your information any time you need it. Use the Farmdeck app to create mobs of cattle or sheep and gain a complete view of your livestock, and record information including: • Livestock heads, gender, breed and age • Vaccine and drenching records • Grazing management, including the number of days spent in the current paddock, DSE load, and time to next move • Financials, including purchases and sales details • Lifecycle information, including date of birth, origin, and weights • Breeding information, such as pregnancy scans and any progeny of your livestock Farmdeck offers IoT identification and tracking options so you automatically know where your mobs are in real-time. Track all the data collected by the RFID tags or IoT collars on the Farmdeck app, and manage your livestock from there. Read more about Livestock Tracking and Identification at