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MaiaGrazing is an easy to use online grazing management tool that helps farmers maximise their pastures and profits in the good times and reduce risks when it’s tough. More than a mere record-keeping program, MaiaGrazing is a decision support tool that analyses farm data to deliver meaningful and relevant information where and when it is needed. We understand that the biggest driver of grazing profitability is pasture utilisation.

MaiaGrazing helps farmers make better pasture management decisions by capturing land, animal and rainfall information and providing an instant, real-time update on the farm’s current and projected feed and stock position.

The application is unique, with an analysis engine that continuously learns about each property using current and historical data about each and every paddock, mob and rainfall event. This enables farmers to understand and respond to paddock variability to optimise production and improve land quality. It shows a farm’s true carrying capacity at a glance, in real time.

MaiaGrazing doesn’t just capture information to report on your past pasture performance – it forecasts the future, enabling informed decisions that maximise results. It requires no extra effort. Data can be easily entered via a mobile phone app, on the go, undertaking regular day-to-day pasture management needs on the farm, and it’s all stored in the cloud so there’s no need for backups or administration.