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You farm with livestock that grazes pasture, and you want to make informed grazing decisions from pasture measurements for maximising your farm profit margins.

You’ve come to the right place, as the service builds around that. It focuses on optimising pasture and grazing management for increased farm profit.

We do this by supplying you with satellite pasture measurements in a pasture and grazing management app that analyses all the necessary data to reduce your daily decision-making fatigue and increase your decision-making confidence.

All of this comes together automatically, so you can get on with farming.

Each day, the app automatically collects information to make all this happen:

  • Satellites fly over your farm that delivers images
  • Local daily weather information is collected
  • Paddock activities are recorded, such as fert and grazing events

Once the above information is known, you receive paddock and farm level numbers with rolling 14-day forecasts:

  • Pasture covers (KgDM/ha)
  • Pasture growth rates (KgDM/
  • Leaf emergence rates (days to grow a leaf)
  • Cloudy days model (fills the gap when satellites can’t see your pasture)

It sounds a lot to take in, but really, you do all this each day on your farm, whether in your head or notebook, and the difference here is that the work is completed for you and with higher accuracy.