Water is a resource of ever increasing scarcity and concern and on top of this farmers are tasked with the responsibility of feeding the world’s ever-growing population. From our on-farm frustrations we knew there had to be a better way to get the exact amount of water to the exact location, exactly when we needed it.

At Next Farm we employ a variety of on farm sensors to enable environmentally responsive irrigation scheduling. Our RIM (Remote Irrigation Mesh) controllers provide control down to individual sprinklers, offering unprecedented granularity and precision water control. Working with farmers, irrigation installers, and electronics experts in New Zealand means Next Farm offers practical, farm-specific, solutions for improving irrigation.

Our field-tested hardware provides a reliable solution for farmers to maximize their yields while minimizing both their labor and water inputs for optimal efficiency. Our goal is not only to ensure that there is sufficient water left for the generations to come but also to enable farms to thrive; and it all starts right now, by applying the right amount of water every time.