Sensing+ for Agriculture is an end-to-end microclimate solution. Our on-farm sensors collect and analyse localised growing conditions, giving growers fast and easy access to precise data and insights specific to what is happening within individual microclimates.

Growers can now plan ahead, optimising workflow and activities for the days to follow, and better plan resources such as pickers for harvesting and other weather dependent staffing activities. Most importantly, The Yield’s AI capability means growers have highly localised and accurate seven-day predictions for weather and growing conditions down to crop and even row level.

Our advanced predictive analytics allows for:

  • Water and power financial savings based on better irrigation decisions
  • Financial savings on fertiliser and chemicals through more accurate scheduling
  • Better resource management around scheduling harvests and planting
  • Increased productivity
  • Compliance and asset management for spraying
  • Ultimately data to better understand conditions that are and will be affecting crops.