StockaID is a critical livestock management tool for feedlots. It captures individual animal data, from purchase through to exit, generates numerous performance metrics and delivers exceptional reporting power.


  • Interfaces with production hardware RFID readers, weigh scale indicators, auto-gates, temperature sensors, barcode readers, treatment applicators, etc
  • Records animal ID data, session measures, movements, treatments, withholds, etc, and applies costs to every animal
  • Manages feeder, vendor, buyer, purchaser, financial and abattoir detail
  • Is used crush-side, in the yards and in the office
  • Imports data from the NLIS database, saleyards and processors
  • Records support NFAS and LPA accreditation
  • Generates powerful, customisable reports
  • Can also be used in backgrounding contexts.

StockaID Hospital provides comprehensive treatment options and reporting tools for sick livestock pulled from pens.

E Apply full courses of treatments to sick animals with full item, dosage and batch detail.

E Record pull details, treatment sequence and hospital measurements.

E Note personnel providing treatments.

E Apply hospital costs and record movement and discharge detail.