The AgUnity App permanently stores transaction records between the various agricultural value chain stakeholders including smallholder farmers, cooperatives, processors and manufacturers. All transactions, including those between farmers and cooperatives, are securely tracked via a smartphone and recorded on the Axsari blockchain and cloud. This becomes a way for farmers to cooperate, store value, save money and easily buy products and services.

Axsari is a platform which solves many of the connectivity and support issues companies face when deploying solutions in remote or regional locations. The Axsari platform is a modified and locked down version of the Android smartphone operating system specifically designed to address challenges faced in areas of limited connectivity or low-bandwidth telecommunications.

Axsari employs a communication framework that resolves real-time connectivity requirements and provides alternative means of connectivity separate to mobile data plans. Where AgUnity also issues devices, each device is secured to an individual user identity at the OS level thereby increasing the overall system security. Axsari is substantially more secure platform than most mobile or internet banking platforms used in the industry.