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TracMap’s award-winning system combines cloud-based job tasking and reporting, with a bespoke GPS guidance and reporting device in the tractor, or harvester. The two work seamlessly to provide full visibility between the office and staff in the field, ensuring all tasks are completed accurately, while capturing rich data for reporting and decision making.

With TracMap Online, you can draw maps of the areas you need maintained, mark out hazards and assign job details. You can then wirelessly send all the information to your drivers from your desktop or mobile device to ensure they are in the right place, doing the right job.

Our in-cab GPS display units accurately guide your drivers to the right field, orchard or specific row, with all the information they need to do the job right, showing them where the hazards are on the way.

Your field operations data collected by TracMap in-cab display GPS units is sent back to TracMap Online so you can view job completion data straight away on your desktop or mobile device.