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Trust Codes Limited is a fast growing technology company providing a suite of solutions to digitally fingerprint each and every food, beverage and nutraceutical item to help protect brands, provide transparency to consumers, better control their supply chain and deliver data visualisation of their supply chain.

We deliver trusted digital identities for products and we are scaled to manage the lifecycle of billions of individual products for our customers. We have hundreds of existing customers with operations all over the world- many of whom are brands you will know- relying on us for anti-counterfeit, traceability, recall and consumer engagement.

Our platforms and locally integrated solutions connect different sources of data for our customers and we apply real-time analytical intelligence to product data and provides dashboards to manage applications and activity. Ultimately, the data we work with makes the food and beverage supply chain more efficient, safe, transparent and fair which are the values we put at the centre of everything we do.