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Wireless Ultrasonic Level Sensor is a combination of wireless sensor transmitter WS433-M12F and Ultrasonic level sensor, measure the level of liquid surface of water, oil … This level sensor utilises the ultrasonic technology to measure the surface of liquid or solid, the principle is to measure the time of flight of the ultrasound pulse in the air environment. The wireless portion is Sub-GHz technology from Texas Instruments allows long range transmission at ultra-low power consumption. It will connect 2-way wirelessly to the wireless co-ordinator WS433-CL to send data and receiving the configuration. It can be configured the operation parameters like data sending interval, health check cycle…remotely from Globiots platform or via ModbusRTU software (thru the WS433-CL). Its default data rate is 50 kbps, can be switched to 625 bps to increase the communication range. It can last up to 10 years with a single AA battery. There are many applications such as monitoring of river water levels, water tanks, etc.