AquaTerra is a start-up company based out of The University of Melbourne born in 2017 and incorporated in September 2018. Our mission is to enable smart farming for Australian farmers.

AquaTerra provides an economical, unique and innovative approach to measuring soil moisture content and temperature, which enables extensive and intensive land moisture monitoring and mapping using an IoT platform.

Our new soil sensing technology, developed here in Australia, is unique in that it does not rely on cellular data coverage for wireless data transmission from the fields to the cloud.

The technology provides intelligence to boost productivity, while reducing water and energy consumption and improving crop quality for agriculture.

Using AquaTerraOs technology, agronomists and farmers can do more with less

AquaTerra Solutions Products

An insertion sensor with 3 sensing points at 25 cm, 50 cm and 75 cm. A second variant to 50 cm, 10 cm and 150 cm (or more) can be custom made. This is the second of three sensor and software offerings that AquaTerra has.
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A non-insertion sensor that measures soil moisture and temperature data from the surface. This new Australian technology enables direct superficial measurements (few centimetres) as well as a soil moisture profile.
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An insertion sensor with various sensing points with data logging and transmission components that can be placed up to 30 metres away from the sensor to minimise interference with ploughing, sowing and other field operations on the field.
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