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Silvertone UAV is developing autonomous platforms with market-leading payload flexibility and operational reliability, at a competitive price point for the rapidly emerging global commercial data collection industry. Our Flamingo Mk3 is special because it will conduct complex, variable payload, long endurance missions, autonomously, cost competitively, compared with existing or known solutions.

The Flamingo Mk3 is an Australian designed and developed, unmanned, flexible payload, fixed wing aerial vehicle (UAV). It is capable of carrying up to 12kg of fuel and payloads and being flown autonomously on long endurance (up to 12hrs) missions (Refer to Flamingo Mk3 specifications on our website). The Flamingo Mk3 operates fully autonomously from take-off to landing.

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The Flamingo Mk3 is delivering high-value solutions in asset monitoring, agriculture and agribusiness, emergency services, energy supply, research and military operations.
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