Cedar Creek Company (CCC) is a specialist software and market-leading hardware provider, for the perishable food manufacturing and distribution sectors.

CCCOs real-time software solutions cover:

  • Traceability from carcass to carton
  • Objective measurement
  • Inventory management
  • Automation.

Our solutions can be integrated into any system and are backed by round-the-clock support services. Cedar Creek manufactures processing floor Harsh Environment Computer (HECs), label printers, carton weigh and sort divert systems.

For decades, Cedar Creek Company has supplied the best abattoir and production recording systems, to the largest processors in Australia and New Zealand.

Cedar Creek Company Products

Cedar Creek Company's (CCC) proprietary bodyTRACE is a vital step in providing processing traceability from carcase to carton.
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All Cedar Creek Company's hardware has been specifically designed to suit harsh environments and critical production demands. CCCOs hardware is rugged and reliable and units have been designed to ensure ease of access for servicing and upgrading.
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The VIAscan® Carcase System uses Video Image Analysis (VIA) technology to objectively assess carcase quality and yield. It is a non-intrusive, in-motion, complete station, situated prior to grading at the end of the slaughter floor.
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FoodChain is Cedar Creek Company's proprietary software system which integrates on-floor processing data capture, production control and Head Office reporting.
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