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CloudFarming is an Australian agtech company building sustainable farming solutions for the global market.

CloudFarming works collaboratively with industry to develop and deliver integrated hardware and software solutions that improve productivity, are easy to use, and adapt to a wide range of farming applications.

CloudFarming’s innovative products add value right across farming operations, from labour management and detailed yield tracking, to safety, quality assurance, and product traceability.

CloudFarming has developed a patented system for harvesting hand-picked produce. The CloudFarming FieldBot is a semi-autonomous, solar / battery powered platform that drives itself down rows of produce as workers harvest produce and place it into crates on the platform. The FieldBot is integrated with an electronic scale and software solution (the FieldApp) so that workers can weigh product as it is picked and the data is streamed directly to a cloud database. Capturing yield data that is worker- and location-specific means that we can help farmers pay Award-compliant piece rates with ease, precisely monitor crop productivity, and develop accurate yield prediction algorithms.

CloudFarming Products

CloudFarming’s FieldBot is an innovative robotic transporter that increases the efficiency and safety of horticultural harvest processes for high-value crops, such as asparagus, broccolini, strawberries, and more.
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