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When we founded CropX in 2015 our vision was to revolutionise and automate farm management using advanced Ag Analytics, similarly to the way satellite imagery revolutionised pest-control management, almost a decade ago.

We immediately realised that in order for us to manage irrigation and fertilisation in a precise, predictive & effective manner, we would have to close the loop by integrating data from both below & above ground, essentially covering the entire soil-plant-atmosphere continuum. Otherwise, if farmers were to rely on above-ground data only, they would be ‘looking in the rearview mirror’, not having the ability to be predictive. Knowing that a plant hasn’t received enough water before the plant does – that’s what CropX is all about!

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CropX Agronomic Farm Management System is an easy-to-use integrated hardware and software system that connects farm data, real-time conditions and agronomic knowledge to provide guidance for successful and sustainable farming, while aggregating all agronomic farm data in one place for easy tracking and sharing
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