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Meshed is Australia’s premier Internet of Things (IoT) integrator working with LoRaWAN low power IoT networks and promoting The Things Network free connectivity. Meshed has provided managed networks for over 80 Australian clients, including 36 Council’s, 10 Universities, NSW Department of Primary Industries, Sydney Water and many others. We design and build LoRaWAN networks, supply LoRaWAN devices and sensors, and tie it all together with data dashboards and storage. Try out our Network-in-a-Box where we pre-configure all required equipment and send for you to install. Meshed also sells people-counting technology that reports on crowd numbers and sends statistics over a LoRaWAN network.

Meshed Products

Meshed provides proactively managed LoRaWAN networks that include the supply of equipment (base-stations), integration services and on-going maintenance and support.
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