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MPT AgTech (Moisture Planting Technologies) are building a new generation of smart machines for broadacre cropping. Our first product is a precision, tech-enabled, broadacre planter, that can monitor the conditions of the soil live while planting, and self-adjust its seeding depth, and seeding rate live. The technology is well suited to not only traditional crops such as canola, wheat, and chick peas, but more particularly it is the exact solution for new varieties being developed that suit early planting dates, or with longer coleoptile. Target markets are initially Australia (which has less than 10% of global cropped area), along with Canada, US, Argentina and Europe. Crops targeted include dry land cropping, such as wheat, chickpeas, canola as well as legumes.

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Our Smart Seeder is a tech-enabled broadacre seeding machine that monitors the conditions of the soil while seeding.
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