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NNNCo is a leading Australian IoT provider and LoRaWAN network operator. NNNCo provides the network layer and technology-agnostic data platform that makes IoT accessible across any industry to enable commercial-grade solutions for farms, business and government.

NNNCoOs Enterprise IoT service is deployed using LoRaWAN technology, the globally-adopted open standard for secure, carrier-grade IoT connectivity.

National Narrowband Network Co (NNNCo) Products

NNNCo's Farm Gate IoT solution enables farmers to efficiently monitor opened and closed gates, set alarms for gate opening events, and provide real-time data on open and closed status, frequency of use and time of day use.
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Connectivity and IoT solution providing environmental monitoring of farm buildings such as shearing sheds and pump houses. Provides real-time data on temperature, humidity, noise and CO2.
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