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Opensensing is a specialist service provider for Public Access (and if required private / farm-wide) LoraWAN networks (The Things Network). As such we provide managed infrastructure services (gateways) and fully configured devices (sensors) to clients in Australia. Opensensing also provides a data framework to visualise and access this data. Support Levels for all equipment can be provided if required.

Examples of sensors include:

  • soil moisture
  • environmental (temperature, humidity)
  • weather stations
  • water flow sensors
  • pressure sensors
  • water leak sensors
  • water level sensors (ultrasonic as well as pressure)
  • counting solutions

Custom solutions include

  • integration of remote equipment (legacy PLC or SCADA)
  • integration of legacy sensors to LoraWAN network

Opensensing Products

This European designed and manufactured LoraWAN gateway is fully compliant with LoraWAN and can be used to connect to a Public Access Network (The Things Network - or create a private (ie. farm-wide network).
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