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OPTIWEGH is a portable in-paddock weighing solution that takes advantage of the excellent relationship between front feet weight and whole body weight. The unit is simply towed to the paddock and left somewhere that the stock will easily find it. A lick block entices the animals to place their front feet on a platform which records the weight. The weights are sent direct to the ‘cloud’ and updated every hour on our website. All of this makes OPTIWEIGH an essential tool for producers serious about maximising weight gain. There are many reasons to weigh cattle – but invariably never enough time to take them to the yards to do it (let alone the weight loss associated with it anyway). OPTIWEIGH enables producers to regularly monitor weights without the cattle ever having to leave the paddock.

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Optiweigh is a mobile, automatic, in-paddock, patented weighing system that solves the problem of being able to collect animal weights regularly, efficiently and without animal stress.
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