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PLF Australia (Precision Livestock Farming) is based in Emerald, Central Queensland. We deliver deliver non-proprietary, sensor-based farm management information accessible in ‘real time’ on any mobile device or laptop (PC), initially for the beef cattle industry, then to other livestock and farming operations. Our subscription-based program will assist farmers by:

  • Delivering sensor-based information and warning of irregularities aimed at Improving productivity, reducing time and human resources
  • Enabling the farmer to closely monitor animal growth to better plan for optimal sale weight and price, resulting in increased profitability
  • Providing the farmer with ‘virtual’ visibility of activity across the farm at any time, from anywhere
  • Operating over a low cost, wireless network using devices that, if the farmer wished, could be purchased online. Information from all the devices is integrated onto a common cloud-based software platform.

PLF Australia Products

PLF delivers a non-proprietary network of sensors and actuators, using LoRaWAN infrastructure, providing accurate, timely measurements of: water flow (volume and rate), water level, soil moisture and temperature over multiple layers, on-farm weather station, all onto a single integrated online platform.
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