Robotics Plus emerged from the need to solve the growing challenges in the primary industry globally such as labour shortages, sustainability for growers, pollination gaps and yield security. Robotics Plus is addressing these issues and providing new improved levels of productivity by developing mechanisation, automation and advanced robotic solutions.

The company’s horticultural products include:

  • The Aporo robotic apple packer that uses smart sensing and robotic systems to orient and pack apples in commercial packing warehouses.
  • An autonomous unmanned multi-purpose ground vehicle (UGV) that can perform multiple tasks like harvesting, pollination, crop estimation, fertiliser spraying and mowing.
  • A robotic harvester that can be added to the UGV that enables harvesting of kiwifruit to assist labour as crop volumes increase.
  • Robotic pollination that can be added to the UGV for targeted pollen application directly onto flowers to reduce labour requirements and increase fruit yield.

Robotics Plus Products

The Aporo is a robotic apple packer that was developed from the ground up specifically for packing fresh apples for export.
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