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Water use efficiency on-farm has traditionally been low due to poor measurement, control and timing of water application. Rubicon’s FarmConnect AgTech solutions address this by providing farmers with access to the latest in remote monitoring and management technology utilising smart actuators, infield sensors, precision weather stations, water level sensors, crop canopy sensors, satellite data, and more.

Rubicon’s AgTech software platform, together with our farm IoT network technology, opens up the world of smart farming to irrigators. By utilising our existing on-farm wireless communications hardware, we can quickly deploy IoT solutions to a network of 20,000 irrigation district customers.

Our AgTech solutions include:

  • Farm IoT networks
  • Smart Actuators for Baygates and Pipe and risers
  • Weather station networks
  • Satellite and handheld thermal crop sensing
  • Remote operation of irrigation equipment
  • Irrigation scheduling and prediction software

Central to the platform is the incorporation of predictive algorithms which use AI machine learning to determine and continually refine optimal irrigation timing.

Rubicon Water Products

A new-generation weather station that addresses the functionality and reliability issues of existing offerings.
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An enhancement to our existing water ordering software utilised by a network of 20,000 customers - the FarmConnect AgTech Portal is an indispensable tool used by farmers
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