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T3RRA developed T3RRA Cutta™ (T3C) and T3RRA Design™ (T3D) to specifically address land forming problems and generate solutions. T3C & T3D enhance and extend John Deere iGrade™. Together they offer a complete land forming solution for contractors and farmers.

T3RRA Cutta™ is in-cab land forming software which operates as a stand-alone data collection, processing, and design program.

T3RRA Design™ is a fully-featured desktop software for the more complicated land forming designs and a companion product to T3C.

We also produce T3RRA Ditch™, T3RRA Plane™, T3RRA Survey™, and T3RRA Log™. Fantastic products for anyone interested in agricultural earthworks and terrain based water management.

T3RRA Products

T3RRA Cutta is the world's most advanced in-cab agricultural earth moving system. In conjunction with John Deere's iGrade it allows you to survey, design, optimise, and implement dirt work operations with ease.
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