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The key to managing a large-scale harvest is the accurate recording and understanding of:

  • How much and what type of crop will be harvested, and when it is ready for harvest
  • Where the crop to be harvested is in relation to the processing facility
  • Progressive records of how much has been harvested and where
  • How much is left to harvest through continual re-estimation

Our suite of sophisticated, spatially-enabled software tools helps you to:

  • Prepare accurate, timely crop inventories well in advance of the harvest
  • Record and report on the progress and performance of the harvest
  • Identify mis-consigned deliveries to improve productivity records and as a basis for farmer payments
  • Quickly assess the influence of unexpected events like fire or flood on the estimated crop
  • Identify varieties susceptible to disease outbreak
  • Produce and distribute high quality maps to growers and contractors – CHOMP facilitates monitoring performance against predicted progress and estimated versus actual yield.
  • Facilitate receival capacity to match harvest activity
  • Monitor harvester operations to optimise product quantity and quality
  • Verify forecasts with actual yield to fine-tune infrastructure, processing and marketing requirements
  • Benchmark performance of crops to identify areas for improvement