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Agtrix is an Australian technology business that supplies and supports mature and proven products using cutting edge technology to the agriculture industry for over 22 years. Agtrix systems work and integrate across:

  • Planning: crop inventory and farming support systems
  • Data recording: Chemical, nutrient, scouting and soil samples
  • Harvest: planning, management and progress monitoring
  • Loading and haulage: visualisation and scheduling
  • Intake visualisation: measurement and management
  • Reporting: real-time and historical scorecard and dashboard for benchmarking and continuous improvement

Agtrix is a Silver Microsoft Partner.

Agtrix Products

Our mapping tools allow industries to map and record crop location and attributes in order to better understand how much and where their crop is, and enable accurate production forecasting.
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Real time monitoring and management of the inbound supply chain optimises the supply and quality of agricultural product into the processing facility.
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VISOPS is the Agtrix operational visualisation, benchmarking and reporting platform across all vehicles involved in the inbound supply chain covering vehicle activity, factory performance, trip cycle analysis and harvesting performance.
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Agtrix can provide GPS tracking units for all vehicles (trucks, harvesters, loaders etc) providing vehicle location and sensor data in a single spatial data repository. Agtrix GPS trackers are a technology suited and tested for the agriculture and supply chain environments, balancing simplicity, ruggedness and accuracy.
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In-field consignment of deliveries to its source provides visualisation of amount, location and character of incoming product and more.
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The key to managing a large-scale harvest is the accurate recording and understanding of how much and what type of crop will be harvested, and when it is ready for harvest and more.
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