Escavox gives food suppliers a unique window into their supply chain’s performance from farm to retail shelf, allowing suppliers to make decisions that reduce waste, minimise rejections and help maintain product freshness. With global-reach capability, Escavox technology generates data on what food is experiencing as it travels through the supply chain.

The service starts with the deployment of Escavox ‘blue-box’ trackers, which continuously monitor time, temperature, light, humidity, and location as food travels from its point of origin to destination.

The collected data is captured and conveyed in real-time on a secure, easy-to-read data platform tailored to each customer and their specific product category.
The tracking service is low cost, low-touch, easy to use and fully automated. The streamlined system gives food managers accurate and timely information to make immediate operational improvements or longer-term structural changes and investments with confidence.

Data from Escavox’s service is helping food suppliers:

  • Improve supply chain efficiency.
  • Extend product quality, freshness, and shelf-life.
  • Establish a verified transit path to assist in the assessment of contested claims.
  • Reduce losses, waste, and carbon miles.

Since using the Escavox service in 2019, customers have recorded a 21 per cent improvement in supply chain performance on average, based on their recorded ‘voice of product ‘(VOP) scores.

The Escavox service is adaptable and puts the customer first.
Customers, if they wish, can choose to share data with other supply chain parties within the secure environment.